Family Histories

Annie Woodrow

Since when has riding a bicycle been seen as outrageous!  Annie Sanders wanted to marry a man 28 years her senior,, the same age as her father, but her father sent her suitor packing!  He went off to the Holy Land to console himself and bought Annie a bicycle as a parting gift.  In 1897 this was the equivalent of buying her a Ferrari!  She could be seen riding round the village in long skirts, boots, and boater hat delivering largesse to the poor, attending meetings of the Mother’s Union and being a very active member of St. Mary’s church.

John Woodrow returned with a davenport bureau made out of olive wood from trees on the Mount of Olives as a wedding gift for his bride in 1897.  He also brought a phial of water from the river Jordan which was used at the christening of their four children. They moved to Ormskirk where he was the vicar.  After his death Annie returned to Wollaston with her children and stayed at The Limes with her parents.  The Limes in the High Street was then a farm, the outbuildings are now known as Wollaston Courtyard.

Annie bought a house in Irchester road and named it Ormskirk and eventually moved into The White House, Little Lane which her youngest son, Stanley Woodrow had built for her.    She was a lady of some standing and determination.  Having been an ardent member of St, Mary’s she wanted to be buried in the church yard  where there were already  250 years worth of family buried..  She persuaded her cousin, Ginny to give up her space in the family grave and thus when she died in 1964 aged 94 she became the last person to be buried in Wollaston church yard.

There is a picture of Annie Woodrow with her son in Wollaston Museum, see right of text.  Share your family histories with us.