Wollaston Streets and Businesses

Businesses in the Village

Following an interesting thread of reminiscences on Facebook, the following article appeared in Wollaston & Strixton News and Views (WASNAV), the result of collaboration between Angela Scheidegger and one of Wollaston’s senior residents, Pete Woodhams.


The initial discussion centred upon the industries in and around Thrift Street.  Who remembers -

  • Likisma
  • Wollaston Knitwear
  • Trylon
  • Co-op Dairy or coal yard where Alison Printers is now
  • Bakery, butchers, grocery and dairy on the corner of High Street and Thrift Street
  • A corner shop that sold sweets
  • Shelton’s Shoe Factory
  • Humphrey and Smart in Backway and then Irchester Road
  • The Feast Field fairs
  • and finally Mrs Yorke's fish and chip shop opposite the Feast Field?


Following the above, Pete racked his brains for more shops and businesses in Wollaston from the 1920s & 1930s.  He remembers: 

In the High Street:

  • Gas Showroom
  • Seamarks Butcher
  • The Stute (Institute) - cards, billiards and dominoes for ex-soldiers from WW1
  • 1939 the Health and Strength Club
  • 1940 Air Training Corps
  • The Post Office
  • Fred Cooper, Carpenter, who made his own coffin!
  • Newsagent & general store
  • The Excelsior Band Club
  • Tony ? rush mat maker.  He cut his reeds from the river and sold sheet music
  • Percy Shelton, piano lessons
  • Harry Lucas, blacksmith, beer sales
  • Gracey Brown, hand-made shoes
  • Gordon Harris, Farmer
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Mrs Lack, confectioner and general store
  • Williams, Butcher
  • Walker, telephone exchange
  • Talbut, newsagent and general store
  • The Boot Public House (now a private residence)
  • Kate Rogers, second hand clothes and shoes
  • Frank Palmer, tailor (polio victim)
  • Semalina Brown, general store
  • Mr Pitts, boot maker
  • Annex, school teacher gave private tuition in schooling
  • Co-op haberdashery
  • Co-op confectionary and bread
  • Co-op hardware
  • A bank

London Road

  • Denton & Stewart, boot manufacturer
  • The Marquis of Granby, public house
  • Mrs Loaks, general store
  • Lucy’s Laundry
  • Bill Howe, coat merchant
  • D R Baxter, saddle maker
  • Harry Eaton, general carrier (two lorries)
  • Harry Eaton, greengrocery and telephone
  • Lew Rivet, general store and carrier
  • Mr Hayes, men’s outfitter
  • Working Men’s Club
  • Bill Cooper, Dairy, milk, cream, cheese
  • Mr Houghton, grocer
  • Lenny Cox, general carrier
  • Mr Pearson, bicycle sales and repairs
  • Mac Palmer, general store
  • Nag’s Head, public house
  • Fowler, tannery.
  • Two sisters, Miss Ball, fish and chips
  • Blacksmiths
  • Mr Shouler Poultry Farmer
  • Ginny Summers Tea Room
  • Nutt and Rice, boot manufacturers

Hinwick Road

  • The Crispin Arms
  • Tommy York, General Store
  • Brown’s Carpenter & Undertaker
  • Harry York, fish and chips
  • Jim Smart, one man farm
  • Lucy Simco, ladies buttons, ribbons, bloomers, etc.
  • Joe Maycock, farmer
  • Mr Harvey, milk round

Thrift Street

  • Co-op Bank
  • Co-op Grocery – four serving assistants
  • Co-op Butcher
  • Co-op Baker
  • Co-op Coal
  • Co-op slaughter. 
  • Winter stable for Co-op horse
  • Mrs Darnell, grocery, pills and potions
  • Isaac Murdin, bric-a-brac
  • Watson Partridge, boot manufacturer
  • Later (1938) Humphrey & Smart

Council Street, Newton Road, Howard Road

  • Teddy Garfirth, shoe repairer
  • Reg & Alf Murdin
  • The new Co-op, opened in 1933 on the site of The Fountain, later Teddy Pitts shoe factory.  The Fountain was a place for cards, skittles, tea, etc. The new Co-op was purpose-built for ladies and gents shoes and clothes.  It is now Matthew Nicholas Estate Agents
  • Buzzer Pratt sporting guns
  • Martin Brown, baker, bread round with a hand cart
  • Albert Green, printer

Watson Partridge lived next door.  He was the first owner of a car in the village; he had his own petrol pump in his garden. 

College Street, Queen Street, South Street

  • Labour Exchange, sign on the dole
  • Bailey and Miles, painter and decorators
  • Mossy Smart, coal merchant
  • Walter Willis, grocery
  • Mrs Lucy, confectionery, grocery
  • Nell Yates general store.  These premises are still there, next to the NPS Factory; it was a garage for many years
  • NPS Factory, boot and shoe.  The oldest co-operative in the country.
  • Mr Watts, general store, plumber, painter and decorator

Eastfield Road/The Gap

  • Watson Partridge, top shop, boot manufacturer
  • Phillips boot & shoe
  • Luther Austin, boot & shoe
  • Rivett, boot & shoe
  • Billy Rice, he had two coaches and ran a service and day trips

St Michael’s Lane

  • Polly Watts, confectionary
  • George Sherwood, cycle sales and repairs
  • First telephone box 1936
  • Dr Walton, 1936, the start of the Albany House practice.